Friends of Peebles High School Charity

Who are we?

Following the successful fundraising initiatives launched following the devastating fire at Peebles High School there was renewed interest and focus around the potential benefits of achieving charitable status. Namely, in allowing opportunity to:

  • Receive Gift Aid from HMRC in respect of donations from personal taxpayers.
  • Access regional and national funding pots earmarked for registered charities.
  • Access other types of funding only available to registered charities (e.g. matched funding schemes offered by private sector institutions).

This led to submission of an application to the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) and on 3 July 2020, Friends of Peebles High School became formally registered as a SCIO, (Ref. SC050256). Shortly afterwards formal recognition was provided by HMRC, confirming our entitlement to receive Gift Aid.

What do we do?

Our goal is to raise funds to support the education of ALL young people at Peebles High School and through supporting the School Improvement Plan we will hope to ensure we do everything we can to give young people the best start in life.

How can you help?

We would be most grateful to all families, Grandparents, Aunts ,Uncles , former students and businesses to offer support the school in the following ways;

  • By continuing in your support of the Peebles High School Lottery
  • By supporting fundraising activities held within the school e.g. Sales of refreshments during school shows, and associated raffles etc.
  • By bringing to our attention any opportunities your employers may offer for participation in matched funding schemes. 
  • By sharing with us any ideas and opportunities you may be aware of for fund raising within the community.
  • By making a one-off donation to our charity, anonymity will be respected upon request.

Register to become a Friend of Peebles High and we will contact you if we are doing any campaigns.

So please email us with any requests, thoughts or ideas at

What have we achieved for the school in the short time since formation?

So far, there have been a few very successful fundraising initiatives, involving the production and sale of Peebles High School Calendars and a voucher booklet for local businesses which are expected to raise a total of around £3,000.

In 2020/21 this permitted a £500 donation to be made to PHS as a contribution towards Christmas decorations and a further £500 towards enhancement of the teachers’ Professional Development Library.

In addition, an application to the Scottish Community Climate Asset Fund provided a grant of £2,407 to develop the school garden benefitting all young people of PHS and members of the local community who wish to support our green initiatives.

Our constitution

Our detailed constitution may be viewed here.