We are a group of parents who are passionate about influencing the future of the school.

Our objectives are to:

  • Identify and represent the views of parents on matters relating to the education and welfare of our children
  • Work actively in partnership with the school, its pupils, parents and local community to help every child maximise their potential
  • Work actively in partnership with national and regional authorities
  • Lobby and advocate for the needs of parents and pupils at all levels
  • Develop and engage in activities that support the school in relation to the education and welfare of the pupils, including influencing the design and implementation of the School Improvement Plan
  • Support the ‘Friends of Peebles High School’ Charity
  • Work with school staff to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents
  • Act in a manner consistent with the values of the school and ethos of the parent council
  • Be open and inclusive



The Parent Council meets around 6 times per academic year.

Meetings are usually attended by the school Rector, with other members of staff attending individual meetings depending on the agenda. Meetings are occasionally attended by pupil representatives, Scottish Borders Council representatives or community representatives where relevant items are being considered. Meetings are public, meaning all parents and carers are welcome to attend.

Working Groups

The Parent Council has 2 working groups in 2021/22 – Teaching & Learning and Property.

The Teaching & Learning Working Group is working to support School Improvement Plan priorities 1 and 2 under the following themed activities:

  • Supporting Learning at Home – supporting communication and engagement in learning activities between pupils, parents/carers and the school
  • Learning Context – supporting the school in making improvements to the learning experience of all pupils

The Property Working Group is expected to run for the duration of the new school project and aims to ensure parent voice is represented throughout the design and build process and to support staff with the transition of learning to the new facilities.

Getting Involved

Any parent or carer of a pupil at the school is able to join the Parent Council, support a working group or share their views and ideas. 

We are conscious of peoples’ busy lives and are grateful for whatever contribution parents are able to make. Even if you are only able to come to one or two meetings a year, we’d be very pleased to see you.

For more information on our activities please contact the Chair of the Parent Council, Sarah Duncan, at phspc@outlook.com and follow us on Facebook (PHS Parents) and Twitter (@PHSParents).